The Quick Left Rube Goldberg Hackfest

Rube Goldberg Hackfest

Do you like to geek out? like to code? to tinker? to hack? Ever wondered what it’s like to wrangle the Twitter firehose? Like to build overly complicated and interesting machines that perform a simple task? Of course you do! The Quick Left Rube Goldberg Hackfest on March 27th is your chance to dabble in a little of all of that!

We are very excited to be opening up some real, live, Twitter (and possibly other publishers) streams for participants to develop against. Our product streams are consumed daily by social media monitoring firms, Fortune 500 companies and the like to perform important business analysis. But who cares about that? This will be your opportunity to dream up a ridiculous use  for them in your own recipe to hack together a goofy, complicated and most importantly, fun, machine.

Gnip will be co-sponsoring the hackfest along side ATOMS Express, Mobiplug, and KST.  Whether you want to dive in headfirst and play with all of these toys to your heart’s content (well, just 3 hours, and please don’t break them) or you just want to come hang out and watch the madness ensue, all are welcome. There will be beer and certainly some snackage. Participants, make sure to register for the event beforehand! See you there!